Date: 23rd June 2008 at 11:43am
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Didier Digard set to sign for the Boro?

According to the local paper here in Smoggy land, PSG midfielder Didier Digard is set to sign in the next couple of days.

The Evening Gazette has reported with quotes from French newspaper Le Parisien and Digard has said: ‘I`m waiting, it has simply stalled, that should change on Monday or Tuesday I think.’

‘I have a real passion for English football, It`s a different world there. In that country there is a real football culture, the passion for a club is extraordinary. It will be a different challenge for me. But for the moment, nothing is done.’

So, the frenchamn looks set to sign on the dotted line and become Boro’s first summer signing. If, or when he is signed, he would bolster a midfield which is clearly in need of a drastic revamp.

Could this then mean that Boateng, Cattermole, O’Neil or Arca are off? Surely Shawky will stay and Gareth cant keep everyone happy…….can he?


8 Replies to “Didi Digard In?”

  • Nah, i wouldnt get everyone excited by calling him the new Viera. Their styles are totally different. Hes another player ive been following for the past 2 years. He’s purely defensive, by which he doesnt get forward very much, unlike viera who is a lot more bulkier, and likes to score goals and link with the attackers. Digard is more of a Makelele, he will sit back and be a buffer for the defence dinking the ball out wide.

  • Digard is nothing like a Makele or even Boateng, he is a bit in between a central midfielder and attackiong midfielder. Doesnt score goals but creates chances and tracks back well.

  • I dont know where your getting your info from mate but hes a defensive midfielder, he sits infront of the defence and distributes the ball. I wasnt comparing him to boateng at all. Boateng cant pass or tackle, which are two of Digards main strengths. There is nothing attacking about the fella. Believe me i should know, im a part time scout… lol, ive been following the guy for nigh on two years

  • Getting the info from a PSG season ticket holder who saw this info on NewsNow and contacted me via email……………fair enough if you are a scout though 😉 Boro scout by any chance?

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